Certified Home Inspector in Spokane, WA

Certified Home Inspector in Spokane, WA

Certified Home Inspector in Spokane, WACertified Home Inspector in Spokane, WACertified Home Inspector in Spokane, WA

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why have a home inspection


The purchase of a home is possibly one of the biggest investments a person can make. 

Several factors play a huge role in the process of choosing the right home including its location, neighborhood, schools, size, age, etc., all of which can become extremely overwhelming. Upon selecting that perfect home, how can you be sure that the home and all of its associated components are free and clear of deficiencies and/ or problems that could potentially end up being financially strenuous or possibly hazardous?

Choosing the appropriate Home Inspector can eliminate much of those worries, we will promise to provide you with the most informative Home Inspection you could ask for.

An image representing home inspector services in Spokane, WA

An image representing home inspector services in Spokane, WA

Benefits of a home inspection

Acquiring a Home Inspection is extremely beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.

First and foremost, an independent Home Inspector is completely objective.

Buyers are looking to make sure the home is safe, structurally and mechanically sound, watertight and free of potential hazardous health risks.  We will provide a thorough, visual, examination of the home and all of its systems and associated components. A written report with digital photos will be provided showing any potential deficiencies and/ or problems along with a maintenance guide for the client. We will also spend time informatively answering all and any questions the client may have in regards to the inspection.

From the seller’s standpoint, a home inspection can also be extremely beneficial as it becomes an important marketing tool for selling the home. Knowing that you chose the appropriate individual to provide you with a Home Inspection pointing out any potential repairs, deficiencies and/ or problems prior to the sale of the home gives a sense of assurance, in turn allows the seller to sell the home at a much faster rate and highest possible price.

Having the appropriate Pre-listing Inspection allows the seller to have the comfort knowing potential items that may have prevented the potential sale of their home were pointed out prior by the inspector in turn allowing them to remediate those issues prior to putting their home on the market. Our Pre-listing Inspection includes a full visual inspection of the exterior and interior reporting on deficiencies that must be disclosed to potential buyers, in addition issues that could possibly prevent the sale of the home will be included. The report will also include recommendations for remediating the deficiencies reported.

Our comprehensive home inspection includes a visual examination of literally hundreds of items that potentially could affect the overall safety, condition and value of the home.